Benefits Companies Of All Sizes

INTACT enables companies of all sizes to benefit from the system’s capabilities which provide true control and significant cost savings.
Staff use a single system with multiple access that keeps information up to date. Actions are prioritised and diarised so that things don’t get missed. And because it’s a paper-less system, effort and costs are reduced.

INTACT is especially beneficial for companies seeking certification to ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 27001 because it simplifies the work involved as well as demonstrating efficiency and control to the certification body. However, it gives benefits to any company looking for a simple way to address any or all quality, environmental, health & safety and infomation security management issues.

INTACT's features can be selected out of the following options:

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INTACT delivers a whole list of features, including:
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INTACT Integrated Action Management System

Wouldn’t you like the job of managing all of your quality, health, safety and environmental systems to be made easier?

INTACT is an integrated management information system, designed by Strategic Safety Systems to cover your whole business.  Instead of having separate systems for customer management (CRM), quality, environmental, and health & safety, it provides a single system. INTACT enables you to easily manage issues and the associated actions across the complete spectrum of activities.  
And it gets rid of all those forms

Benefits to your company

Business Improvement, Health & Safety and Environmental  Services and Systems
Whilst paper forms and reports may be required in some cases, INTACT is capable of replacing all of these to provide a true paperless system with live data