Health & Safety, Environmental and QA Services and Systems


Strategic Safety Systems exist to provide environmental and occupational safety services and systems.  The supporting suite of computerised systems speeds up the process, provides professional output and forms part of an integrated management system.

Strategic Safety Systems operates primarily within the industrial and commercial sectors.  Our clients include those within the automotive, chemical, plastics, metal manufacturing and printing industries. 

Strategic Safety Systems were developers of the British Printing Industries Federation Carbon Footprint System and have provided support and systems for over 40 companies, enabling them to gain certification to ISO 14001.
Environmental Services




IPPC support

  • Reports and complied application forms for A1, A2 and Part B
  • Project management support for solutions to meet Permitting Regs. requirements

Meets legal requirement under the Permitting Regs., with minimum of company effort.

ISO 14001 support

  • Baseline reports
  • Analysis of operations
  • Compilation of systems required by 14001, including register of legislation
  • Training
  • Integrated action management systems
  • Liaison with certifying body

Enables certification to ISO 14001 to suit the exact needs of the company and with reduced demands on company personnel.


  • Compilation of systems required by FSC and PEFC
  • Training

Enables products to carry the FSC or PEFC logos.

Packaging waste support

  • Calculations required under the Packaging Waste (Producer Obligations) Regulations

Legal requirement if these regulations apply.

Duty of care
  • Visits on behalf of many companies (thereby splitting the cost) to key waste handling sites.
Legal requirement under the
  Environmental  Permitting Regs
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