What risk assessment services do we provide?
What we do for you is, using discussions with your key people, such as operators:

What do you get as a result of the risk assessment service?
The key outcome of the risk assessment service is a list of risks, ranked in descending order of outstanding risk along with suggested actions, will be provided.

The pictures to the right show a single risk assessment, whilst to the top and underneath it is a summary of actions, ranked in descending order of risk.

Note that this is a key element of risk assessment. SSS not only identify the risks. If required, we will work with you to control these risks.

Will there be interruptions?
In order to fully assess operations, SSS personnel will discuss activities with employees. However, the interruption in doing this is typically minimal.

How long does it take?

This of course depends on the size of the company and the complexity of the operations. For SMEs, the process is typically completed in 1 or 2 days.


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Risk Assessment Services
Shows actions for risk ranked and also a risk assessment

Will I be re
quired to do any work?

Unlike other providers who supply a mass of forms and expect you to carry out the assessments yourself, SSS do the whole thing for you. You will be expected to participate in discussions on the outcomes, particularly where actions are necessary to introduce a new risk control measure or to check that existing control measure are working.

Will further work be needed?
There is a legal requirement that you should update assessments if circumstances change, eg if new equipment is introduced. In addition, we recommend that you review assessments every two years. SSS can do this as and when you request it. Some companies also opt for a short periodic visit, say every 3 or 6 months
Are we locked into a contract?
There is no on-going contract; you pay for what you take and can pull out at any time.

Will the service be provided by competent personnel?
SSS personnel are registered on the government’s Occupational Health and Safety Consultants Register and have met the competency levels that this requires. Note that not many providers, even trade associations, have attained this level..

What we don't do in the risk assessment service package
We don't