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"CE" Support for equipment suppliers

This applies to all equipment supplied for first time use in the EU.

  • The manufacturer is normally accountable for ensuring that this process is followed
  • For equipment imported into the EU, the importer is accountable
  • It applies even if the equipment is for self use
  • It applies to all machinery supplied for first time use within the EU after 1 Jan. 1995, even if the equipment is older than this
For the majority of equipment, the process is one of self-certification (there is no “CE Inspector”).

Failure to follow this process can lead to fines. In cases where equipment is exported to other EU countries, it can also result in equipment being held at customs. Whilst it is primarily an EU requirement, SSS have been asked to provide support for equipment being exported to non-EU countries.

The service provided by SSS enables you to meet your legal obligations and to apply the CE mark. 

Where appropriate, we provide design change suggestions in order to meet the requirements of the appropriate standards.

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As a result of the services provided by SSS, the supplier will:

The applicable regulations are the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008. These require the manufacturer to:
Service provided

SSS provide a service where we:
SSS use a comprehensive and unique assessment system where each clause is listed and assessed if applicable.
SSS personnel are chartered health and safety practitioners and have a background in machinery and control system design and manufacture

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