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Overview of 3m wide guillotine on which finger amputation occurred
Position of finger as scissor lift was raised
Damaged control box for scissor lifter. Note control block is off.
Rectification of scissor lift: bolted to ground
Rectification of scissor lift: control box fixed to guillotine
New compactor with no guarding
Exposed chain/sprocket
Showing good practice of blocking access when changing blade
Poor guarding, held together by tie wraps.
Nip trips on litho press
Overridden interlock on compactor cage
Compactor interlock overridden by cable tie
Compactor with interlock on door not working
Finishing machinery with sliding guard
Interlock works when guard slides to right but not after 50mm to left
Incorrect position of nip guard between belt and pulley
Incorrect position of nip guard between belt and pulley
Exposed in-running nip on brand new laminator
Exposed in-running nips on brand new machinery
Exposed in-running nip arrowed; blue guard should be extended downwards.
Exposed nips on stacker
Guarding that makes lathe unusable
Guarding that makes milling machine unusable
Guarding that makes milling machine unusable
Exposed rollers on laminator
Cam interlock, disengaged by cam sliding to the side
Overridden interlock on screen press
Dubious control on laminator
Control panel almost totally unreadable