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Certification Services
Many services that fall into this category enable companies to “get the badge” and therefore gain or maintain business. 

However, properly applied, certification services deliver business improvements in the way companies operate, thereby saving costs and gaining more business even without external certification.
As a result of such services, companies will have any combination of:  
  • Systems which drive improvements in the way the company operates; results in lower costs, reduced interruptions and increased or maintained business levels 
  • Systems which meet requirements requested in tender documents 
  • Certification to ISO 9001, AS 9100, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, ISO 13485 and similar standards, plus support for schemes like SEDEX, which give companies a marketing advantage over competitors and often eases the submission of tenders 
  • Internal audits for existing ISO 9001 and similar standards 
  • Better control of health & safety using systems for ISO 45001 
  • Preparedness for situations which could otherwise affect business continuity 
  • Policies for Corporate Social Responsibility, Anti-Bribery or similar policies, often required in tender documents 
  • Energy analysis which enables energy savings to be made 
These include: 
  • Quality Management systems, enabling certification to ISO 9001 and AS 9100 if required 
  • Environmental Management systems, enabling certification to ISO 14001 if required 
  • Health and Safety Management systems, enabling certification to ISO 45001 if required 
  • Information Security Management systems, enabling certification to ISO 27001 if required 
  • Medical Devices - Quality Management Systems, enabling certification to ISO 13485 if required
  • Entry of data into sites such as SEDEX and on-going support. 
  • "Internal" audits for companies with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc., systems 
  • Provision of the INTACT computerised action management system, which considerably reduces the effort required to run the above systems. 
  • Bespoke computerised systems to manage your business that way you want to; the system suit you, rather than you having to suit the system. 
  • Chain of Custody systems, enabling certification to FSC and/or PEFC if required 
  • Repair of existing systems where companies already have certification but find their existing system onerous 
  • Business Continuity systems 
  • The SSS computerised INTACT integrated action management system, which reduces the paperwork often associated with the above and provides higher quality management information with less effort. 
  • Policies for Corporate Social Responsibility, Anti-Bribery or similar policies 
  • Energy use analysis and improvement to ISO 50001