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Unbundard storage of flammables
Flammables stored on combustibles
Flammables mixed with general waste.
Build-up of easily-ignitable paper trimmings
Blocked fire exit
Blocked fire exit
Egress route blocked by chest-high bracken
Exit partially blocked
Dubious electrical wiring
Dubious electrical wiring
Flammables stored next to fork-lift truck battery charger
Unbunded storage of flammables in disused toilet
Large quantity of highly flammable liquid stored in traffic route.
Cap left off can of highly flammable solvent
Unbunded storage of flammables
Containers degrading in store. Note use as a bike shed as well
Unbunded storage of flammables
Unbunded storage of flammables
Unbunded storage of flammables
Fire exit blocked during electrical work
Same exit blocked during work on another day
Exit door bolted. Need to have unbolting system at shift start
Exterior escape route impeded by vegetation
Another view of same exit route impeded by vegetation