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Photos -  Storage 
Correct use of SWL sign
Damaged racking (every upright!)
Damaged corner protector
Damaged corner protector
Front (left) upright pushed so that it has distorted rear upright
Poor storage practice. Note also proximity of paper to lighting.
Poor emptry pallet stacking
Damaged pallets cause high risk if toppling and crush injury
Pictures of same area taking on consecutive days indicating constant use. Note poor stacking practices; toppling quite likely. See next photo
Showing exposed pedestrian route to working area.
Home-made racking sagging. Lack of bracing.
Trailer propped on stack of pallets. Note 
collapsed legs.
Missing nudge pin 
1 good, 1 bad
Missing nudge pins, 
2 places
Stacked items toppling
Stacked bags toppling
Excessive height on
stacked items 
Stacked cardboard toppling
Corner guard not
rawlbolted to floor
= limited protection
Poor stacking of steel tube.
Could easilt topple. Needs 
strapping or side restraints.
Corner protector uprooted.
Upright bent
Corner protector uprooted.
Uprights bent
Stacked cardboard toppling