Most printers need support when it comes to the arrangements for health and safety in their company. Some have been disappointed by the services provided by others:

What SSS provide

SSS provide:

What we don't do

SSS can provide a complete package or indivudal services, tailored to meet your needs. Here is a sumary of some of these services, and the benefits to you:




Risk assessments

  • Assessment report
  • Actions ranked in descending order
  • Review record

Legal requirement
Eases the management of any corrective actions
Provides history.  Very useful when contesting civil claims

CoSHH assessment

  • Assessment report
  • Risk control measure summary
  • Emergency action summary dedicated to each point of use.
  • Review record

Legal requirement
Enables you to ensure that control, first aid and spill precaution measures are implemented at the point of use
Provides history

Fire Risk Assessment

  • Assessment report with actions

Legal requirement

  • Building drawing with escape routes, extinguishers, etc.

Supports assessment

  • Review record

Provides history

Musculoskeletal disorder assessments

  • Manual handling assessment report

Legal requirement where applicable

  • Upper limb disorder (RSI) assessment report
  • VDU assessment report

Legal requirement

  • Information pack for VDU users

Legal requirement

Noise assessment

  • Assessment report with actions

Legal requirement where applicable

Substance or dust measurement

  • Reports on substance concentrations

Enables controls to be proportionate to the problem


Provides cost effective tailored training for manual handling, VDU, Competent Person and other areas

Policy and systems of work

  • Written systems of work for critical operations

Policy is a legal requirement
Can drive behaviour.
Very useful when contesting prosecution or civil claims

Certification to 18001
  • Systems that meet the requirements of the OHSAS 18001 standard
Enables you to demostrate performance to a nationally recognised standard
  • Support with certification

Expert witness support

  • Provides support during civil or criminal cases

Support when contesting prosecution or civil claims

On-going support

  • Provides support as and when needed.

Cost-effective health and safety support


Health & Safety, Environmental and QA Services and Systems


Health and Safety in the Printing Industry


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